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This is a step by step guide on how to create and upload a torrent to using uTorrent.
To get uTorrent, please visit their site at

  1. Log into your Demonoid account, and click on the "upload a torrent" link. You will be presented with the torrent upload rules. Please read them!

  2. The first rule reads "Include this info file inside the torrent". Click on the link on the word "this", and save the file when prompted (the file should be named "Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.txt")

  3. Check the box indicating that you understand and agree to the torrent upload rules, select a category for your torrent from the drop-down menu, and click on "Next step >>"

  4. Select the data asked to you on the form (subcategory, quality, language; it varies depending on the category you selected)

  5. Create a directory somewhere in your computer, and give it a name related to the files you wish to share. Place inside the files you want to share along with the txt file downloaded on step 2
    This is important! if the txt file is not included inside the folder, the site will reject the torrent.

  6. Open uTorrent, and from it's menu, click on File -> Create new torrent.
    You'll be presented with the following screen:

  7. Click on "Add directory" and select the directory you created on step 5
    On the "Trackers:" field, add the tracker starting with http from the tracker list presented to you on the torrent upload page (uTorrent does not support UDP trackers at the time of writing this tutorial)
    On the "Comment" field, add a comment about your torrent (optional)
    Check the "Start seeding" and "Private torrent" fields

  8. Click on "Create and save as", and save the torrent somewhere in your computer. Then click on "Close"

  9. The torrent will appear on uTorrent's list. If the torrent is stopped, right click on it and select "Force start" from the menu.

    You will get an error message that reads "Failure: torrent deleted or not in pool yet", because we have not uploaded the torrent to Demonoid yet. Ignore it for now.

  10. Return to Demonoid, and on the "Torrent file" field, click on the "browse" button. Select the .torrent file you created on step 8.

  11. Add a name and a description. the description must be at least 30 characters long. Please keep in mind that the better the information that you provide in your description, the more likely it is that people will download it. Then click on the "Finish upload" button.
    If everything is correct, you'll be redirected to the details page of your newly uploaded torrent.

  12. Now, we wait 3 minutes to give time to the tracker to add the torrent to it's pool. After waiting 3 minutes, go to uTorrent, right click on the torrent you just created, and select "Update tracker" from the menu. If you waited long enough, you should get "Tracker status: Working" instead of the error from step 9

  13. We are done! Now we just leave uTorrent seeding the file for a few hours so some people have the chance to download the files.

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